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Whisky ¥900〜
Scotch whisky in the main, "whisky-professional" We propose that, depending on the preference of the customer.

Cocktail ¥900〜
We make standard cocktails according to taste, original cocktails, the customer.

Beer ¥800〜
Bottle Beer……¥800〜
Yale ……Basuperu, St. Andrews
Belgium……Hoegaarden, Saturn Red

Spirits ¥800〜
Brandy, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, etc

Liqueur ¥800〜
We also created a cocktail in your designated liqueur.

Soft drink ¥600〜
Various juice, oolong tea, ginger ale, sparkling water, etc


Charge ¥800(Prepare the appetizer of sticking)
You can choose from among the following, [1] ~ "appetizer of sticking" of [7], depending on the drink being made to drink. Combinations are also available in half-size.

※ half-size, you can choose one set \ 800 from the following two knobs 1-7.
1Dish               【1】Assorted Dry Fruits  ¥800
Half-size     【1】Assorted Dry Fruits+【5】Assorted chocolate  ¥800

【1】Assorted Dry Fruits
【2】Assorted mixed nuts
【3】Assorted olives
【4】Assorted pickles
【5】Assorted chocolate
【6】Assorted jerky
【7】Assorted Smoked

Assorted cheese
Assorted ham
Assorted sausage
Various pizza

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